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We Life International USA is a Biotechnology and Human Health Product Development Company. It is headquartered in Arizona, USA, with more than 30 years of Experience in Biotechnology Research and Development.

Our Mission at We Life International is To be the Leader in the Health and Longevity Revolution Capitalizing in our Pioneering work in Regenerative Solutions for Cell Aging by Providing the Purest and Highest Quality Products backed by Three Decades of Aggressive Research and Development Program Producing State of the Art and Cutting Edge Products that will make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Currently, there are Offices and Strategic Alliance Partners in the Cities of Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, and Paris.

Pioneering the Cell Technology Era.

The birth of We Life International Company marks the coming of the Cell Technology Era by Focusing on the field of cell anti-aging, opening the human youth bank and storing health and beauty.

“We Life International” is the pioneer of this era, and we are convinced that regenerative medicine will set off a new revolution with a focus on “the ultimate solution for cell aging." Our goal is to return to Youthfulness , Beauty and Health and to provide more accurate health care and prevention by providing biotechnology nutraceuticals and wellness products and solutions to fight aging and sub health problems.

Transcendent Contributions to Cell Bio-technology.

Embarking Together on the Fifth Revolution of Western Industry.

In 2020 We Life International formed a strategic alliance with Sabre Life Science Academy, with a focus on research and development, and established the Cell Regeneration Medical Joint Laboratory. Cooperation was formed with Nobel prize scientists on longevity regeneration medical systems and the launching of products to serve beauty and health pursuers globally

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